Birthday cake for a 6 year old gymnast

Freya sent me special instructions for her 6th birthday cake. It needed to be chocolate, with pink icing and a gymnast on the top. She drew me a lovely picture to help. My version is not quite the same, the anti-gravity posture of the gymnast was a bit too much of a challenge, but I really hope that this will do. Happy birthday Freya.


Birthday cake for a model railway enthusiast

John is a model railway enthusiast extraordinaire! His passion has led to the entire upper floor of his house being converted into a railway, the new layout being revealed as part of his 70th birthday celebrations this weekend.

John and Jenny have 6 grandchildren all of whom wanted a slice of the action, so we made this with each of the chocolate cake goods-trucks bearing the name of one of the children.

 Happy birthday John, wishing you many joyful hours in the signal box.