Embroidery Birthday Cake

When Mandy got home from work this afternoon, all her friends and neighbours were waiting with a surprise birthday party for her. She rarely sits still, but when she does, she gets out her needlepoint. What better then, than this embroidery inspired cake. Underneath the sugar thread-work is a jam and buttercream filled sponge. Happy birthday Mandy.


Art Group Anniversary Celebration

The Milford Art Group are celebrating their 50th anniversary today at South Lawn Hotel. They asked my to make a big cake to use at their lunch party and provided me with a design. Underneath the sugar models is a vanilla cake layered with jam and buttercream.

Congratulations to you all, looking forward to your Summer exhibition.

Monogramed golden wedding cake

I was lucky enough to be invited to Julie and Derek’s golden wedding party. We had a lovely dinner finished off with this lemon sponge, layered with fresh lemon curd and buttercream and decorated with yellow roses and a golden monogram. A lovely start to their weekend of celebrations.

Congratulations to you both.

Singing, travel, dogs and gardening!

This is a birthday cake for a lady with many talents and interests. She is a retired nurse, she loves to sing, loves to travel (she is just back from a trip to Australia), and enjoys gardening. She adores her two granddaughters and her dog. I don’t think we could have got much more onto this rich fruit cake. Just right for a celebration with family and friends.

Easter Chick

Sally needed a cake to celebrate Easter with her family. This is a lemon sponge, filled with fresh lemon curd, with suitably seasonal sugar-paste decorations.

Happy Easter Everybody

James Bond

Julie has organised a James Bond classic Aston Martin driving experience as a birthday treat for Bernie. He is a diabetic and doesn’t get to eat much cake usually, but Julie asked me to make this one to a low sugar recipe. The chocolate and beetroot cake is filled and topped with dark chocolate ganache. The car is all sugar though … don’t eat it all at once Bernie.

Tropical birthday

Alison and Chris’s planned wedding at the RAF club was scuppered by a Covid lockdown so they decided to get their friends together at the same venue to celebrate their joint 60th birthday instead. Alison had very clear ideas as to how the cake should look – she wanted a bit of a tropical theme as they couple have been living in Barbados until recently. The pink and blue marbling was all her idea, as were the golden palm-fringed sides giving it rather a sunset feel. There was a last minute call requesting that a turtle should feature on the top and so here we are a rich fruit cake with a totally tropical look. Happy birthday to you both.

Pink and blue drip cake

Milla knew exactly what she wanted for her 8th birthday cake. She found me a picture of this layered sponge cake covered in blue buttercream and topped with delicious pink-coloured white chocolate drip. Finish it off with pink and white Squashie sweets. Perfect. Hope you had a lovely day Milla.

Princess Elsa Cake

This is the third year that I have made Fearn’s birthday cake and now she is going to be 5. Her grandparents ordered this one for her party and came to pick it up this evening – what else would you have for your fifth birthday but a sparkly Elsa princess cake? Under her sugar dress is a multi layered vanilla and buttercream sponge and the best bit is, when the cake is all gone, Fearn can give Elsa a quick wash, put the original skirt and shoes back on and she will have the doll as an extra present. Perfect. Have a lovely birthday Fearn.

Tool Box Cake

Chalkie is the kindest man you will meet.. He will do anything for anyone and loves few things more than pottering in his garage surrounded by useful bits of wood and his tool box. So here, for his 70th birthday is a white chocolate tool box filled with sugar tools. Inside it all is a lemon drizzle cake layered with fresh lemon curd. A very happy birthday to you Chalkie.