Space Ship

For Henry’s 6th birthday party, Natalie chose this vanilla sponge layered with buttercream. On top is midnight blue fondant and a scene from outer space with sparkly stars and a full moon. Hope the party was not too boisterous – enjoy a well earned glass of wine afterwards.

Roller-skating cake

Ophelia loves to roller skate. For her 7th birthday party, Ophelia’s mum asked me to make this three layered sponge cake in ‘mermaid’ colours topped with sugar roller-skates to share with all her friends. Happy birthday Ophelia

Football cupcakes

Jack came down to his granny’s by the sea for his 7th birthday. His mum messaged me and asked for 12 gluten free, dairy-free cup cakes topped with sugar reminders of his beloved (FA cup winning) Liverpool FC for the celebrations. Hope you all had a great day on the beach

Zebra christening cake

It was Octavia’s beautiful baby’s christening day this weekend. She asked me for this jam and buttercream filled Madeira cake topped with a family of 5 jolly little zebras. I love something different, and this certainly was! I hope you all had a lovely day. X

Number nine

Alfie was 9 a couple of weeks ago and had a very exciting adventure party outing at the weekend. Jam and buttercream sponge and a giant number 9. Happy birthday Alfie

Paw Patrol birthday

Last year Fearn had Peppa Pig on her cake, this year it needed to be ‘Skye’ from Paw Patrol. I checked it out with my own four-year-old grand daughters who confirmed it was a good idea and must be ‘lovely and pink’. Add some sugar hearts, bones, paw prints and sparkles and hopefully this two tiered jam and vanilla layer cake will meet the approval of the birthday girl.

Football crazy

A week after his sister’s party, it is Arthur’s turn. He and his friend Louis are football crazy and although they do not support the same team, they were prepared to share a party and a cake. This is a chocolate fudge cake with completely edible decorations including the goal and net. Hope you had fun boys

Jet Ski

Margot and her family were on holiday somewhere warm recently and Margot has discovered the thrill of a jet ski! It is her 7th birthday today and her mum asked me to make a red velvet cake, layered with cream cheese frosting and topped with a model of Margot on a jet ski for her party. So here we are, all edible, although as ever it is possible to save the sugar model if she wants to. Hope you had a good day Margot.

Star Wars

Ted had his 6th birthday party today. They needed lots of cake to feed a hoard of school friends and as Ted is an avid Star Wars fan there was no discussion on the theme this year. Two tiers of chocolate fudge cake covered in midnight blue icing, stars and edible silver glitter, topped with sugar models of his favourite characters. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it Ted. Happy Birthday