Sisters’ Hands

Vicky has a big birthday this weekend. She has ordered a couple of cakes from me for her family in the past, but today it is her turn. Her sister asked me to make a very special layered sponge cake featuring their matching tattoos. A very personal design for a family celebration. Happy birthday Vicky.


Autumn Birthday

This time last year, Trish asked me to make a birthday cake for her daughter. Sadly, the order had to be cancelled thanks to the Covid restrictions, so we had another go this year. This is a vanilla sponge layered with jam and buttercream, sprinkled with pretty sugar autumn leaves and tied with a sugar bow.


Sam is 4 today and has a party this afternoon. His dad has just picked up this Ankylosaurus cake. There is a squishy chocolate sponge underneath his spiky sugar armour and, as requested, he is sitting in a bed of molten lava. I hope this fits the bill Sam, have a lovely day.

Pink Champagne

Wendy turned 70 this weekend and Mick and Danni asked me to make a surprise cake for her family party. Fruit cake is her favourite and it needed to be gluten free. Apparently Wendy has always wanted a pink birthday cake so here we are. A fitting celebration for a much loved wife, Mum and Adda. Cheers!

Beach huts and Roses

Yvonne contacted me to ask for a special cake to celebrate Julie’s 70th birthday. They have recently moved down to the coast and have straight away developed a love for beach huts. Julie has had a life in Girl Guiding, plays a mean game of golf and is especially fond of roses. Make the whole lot out of sugar, pile them on top of a rich fruit cake and you have a recipe for a family celebration,. Hope you all had fun.