Ducks and Daisies

Nina asked me for an iced jam and buttercream sponge for her mum’s birthday. ‘Anything with ducks and daisies’ she said. Hope this meets the brief Nina and that you all had a lovely day


Barbara’s Golf Buggy

Barbara loves her golf and her friends organised a celebratory lunch at the golf club for her birthday. This is a lemon layered sponge, iced in fondant and topped with an edible sugar golf buggy. Happy birthday Barbara.

Ballroom Dancers

Maureen turned 90 this week and she asked me to make a rich fruit cake to share with her family and friends. When I went to visit her she showed me some wonderful pictures of the glamorous ballroom dancing days. We chose a striking colour scheme of red and black to reflect her love of dance and her favourite roses. Very many congratulations Maureen, Happy Birthday.