Jet Ski

Margot and her family were on holiday somewhere warm recently and Margot has discovered the thrill of a jet ski! It is her 7th birthday today and her mum asked me to make a red velvet cake, layered with cream cheese frosting and topped with a model of Margot on a jet ski for her party. So here we are, all edible, although as ever it is possible to save the sugar model if she wants to. Hope you had a good day Margot.

Learner Driver

John didn’t want a fuss on his 18th birthday but his Mum asked me to make a cake none the less. Inside this one is a plain Victoria sponge layered with raspberry jam. John is learning to drive and Mum said it had better be a red sports car… oh, and could we fit the two black Labradors in as well…….?

Star Wars

Ted had his 6th birthday party today. They needed lots of cake to feed a hoard of school friends and as Ted is an avid Star Wars fan there was no discussion on the theme this year. Two tiers of chocolate fudge cake covered in midnight blue icing, stars and edible silver glitter, topped with sugar models of his favourite characters. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it Ted. Happy Birthday

Sweets galore

Eleanor is 9 today and her mum has thrown caution to the wind for one day. She asked for this jam and vanilla sponge to be smothered in stripy buttercream and topped with Eleanor’s favourite sweets. Enjoy yourself Eleanor. Happy Birthday.

Designer Watch birthday cake

Trish’s son in law is a collector of designer watches. This is a carrot cake, layered with cream cheese frosting and with a chocolate ganache drip. On top is an edible sugar Rolex watch face, I’ve set the hands to 4.04 (he is 44) and the date to 23rd so I hope it is fitting for his birthday.

Seaside and chocolate

Stewart liked the look of the layered drip cakes on the website and Facebook. He asked if I could make one as a surprise for Gillian but he wanted me to add sugar sea shells like the ones on their wedding cake as well as the chocolates and flowers. The delicious white chocolate ganache is dripping down the sides of the vanilla and raspberry layered sponge. Yum

Harry Potter

This is a jolly Harry Potter cake (complete with sugar wand) for Stuart’s grand daughter Wren. Underneath is squidgy chocolate fudge layer cake. I don’t think there was much left after the family party. Happy birthday Wren.

South African birthday

Kate came down to Milford this weekend for her friend Tam’s birthday. She contacted me and asked for a cake that not only celebrated the birthday but also Tam’s South African heritage. Hope you had a good weekend girls

Bridge, Scrabble and Roses

Wendy’s mum has come to stay for the week of her birthday and Wendy needed a little cake for the celebration. There were just the two of them but we made this little 6″ layer cake special for a lovely lady who enjoys bridge and Scrabble as well as the beautiful roses in her garden.