80th birthday cake to reflect a full life

Vina asked me to make a cake for George’s birthday. He loves fruit cake so that was an easy choice. George and his family travelled the world during his career in the Life Guards and then he spent a very happy time as secretary of Winter Hill Golf Club before retiring to Milford. We tried to represent all the landmarks of his life on the cake. Hope you like it Goerge, happy birthday.


21st birthday cake for a bookworm

image1Elaine wanted a cake that would reflect Her granddaughter’s passions and nothing pink Hannah is a committed Christian, and when she does not have her nose in a book she is out . She is also a top class physics student. So we have made a cake with piles of books, a map and walking boots, a bible and some impenetrable physics formulae piped around the sides. Hope you like it Hannah, happy birthday.


85th birthday cake for an amateur artist

Just finished this cake requested by a lovely lady who wanted to treat her special friend for his 85th birthday.


The cake is a rich fruit cake with marzipan and white icing decorated to reflect his interests and hobbies. Pat was keen that the cake was not too garish so we stuck to muted colours to make a sugar artist’s palate and brushes as Roy is a talented oil painter. His career as an accountant is hinted at with the band of £ signs interspersed with little birds as a nod to his interest in ornithology. Being a fruit cake it will last for ages so he can enjoy it for weeks to come if there is any left after his party.

roys note

Show-stopper 80th birthday cake

Margie 80
Three-tier sponge cake: one chocolate, one lemon, one vanilla, with piped birthday greeting, Decorated with handmade sugar golf balls, golf tees, playing cards, and sunflowers. Topped with star-shaped candles and edible golden star shower.

This cake was made for the 80th birthday of a lady who threw a big party for all her friends.  She has spent much of her life raising money for hospices, she continues to play golf weekly and is a demon bridge player.  All these activities were symbolised by the sugar decorations on the cake.