Cake for a birthday in Tenerife

Michael’s special birthday was due to fall while he was away in Tenerife. We needed to make a cake that would travel safely in the hand luggage – so we picked a rich, nutty fruit cake that would fit snuggly into a sturdy tin. Florence wanted the cake to reflect Michael’s love of Flamenco dancing as well as his home overlooking the Solent to the Isle of Wight and the holiday view of Mount Teide. And the whole thing was to be a surprise. Well, I got the cake made, smuggling it to Tenerife without Michael seeing was Florence’s problem!F56DD955-3FB0-4E49-B0C3-C5A49B533F49


Apple blossom birthday cake

Barbara’s birthday falls at exactly the time that the apple blossom is out, so what better to decorate her cake. Pretty in pink, complete with little butterfly. Hope you enjoyed your party Barbara.


50th birthday cake with purple flowers

Debbie and her mum had organised a big family party to celebrate her big birthday. She wanted purple flowers so, as it was meant to be spring, I went for a circlet purple primulas. Unfortunately it was the weekend that the ‘beast from the east’ struck and the snow led to the party being cancelled. So two dozen purple cup cakes went on hold but the birthday cake was shared between Debbie’s colleagues at work, so nothing was wasted.


80th birthday cake

The ladies of Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club wanted to celebrate Annie’s big birthday. Two plain Madeira cakes iced with pink flowers in the shape of her age gave plenty for everyone as well as some to take home after the party.C30EA237-1DB6-4B83-9D66-9FBCDFDA1F3E