Golden Wedding

Rachel’s parents in law, Ian and Anne were renewing their wedding vows 50 years after they first made them. The service was to be followed by a party for all their friends and relations- all 75 of them. So, she asked for a big Madeira cake decorated with golden roses and three tiers seemed the best way to go about it. Congratulations Ian and Anne, Happy anniversary to you both.



Unicorn cake

Grace is going to be six and asked for a unicorn cake for her party. This has chocolate layer cake under the icing and glitter. Hope your friends like it Grace. Have fun. C97F05C6-AA5D-4641-9BE7-A90C499FE500

Chocolate extravaganza

Pat asked me for a 40th birthday cake for her daughter. She planned to take it up north with her to the party. Her daughter refused to have her name or age on it, just wanting a combination of lemon and chocolate cakes decorated with chocolate shards. Of course it turned out to be one of the hottest weekends on record when it had to be iced and transported which didn’t make it easy. However, I believe it made it in one piece and was pretty much demolished at the party. Success.C2286F9E-2DEB-4D20-8E75-6E1E42280E73

90th birthday cake

Daphne had a very special birthday celebration tea party at a hotel in Brockenhurst but wanted plenty of cake left over for her neighbours and herself! So we chose two rich fruit cakes in the shape of her age, one to eat at the party and one for later. Her son had very firm ideas about the design and particularly wanted blue and yellow flowers, remembering specially the wisteria that grew around Daphne’s house.


Cake for a birthday in Tenerife

Michael’s special birthday was due to fall while he was away in Tenerife. We needed to make a cake that would travel safely in the hand luggage – so we picked a rich, nutty fruit cake that would fit snuggly into a sturdy tin. Florence wanted the cake to reflect Michael’s love of Flamenco dancing as well as his home overlooking the Solent to the Isle of Wight and the holiday view of Mount Teide. And the whole thing was to be a surprise. Well, I got the cake made, smuggling it to Tenerife without Michael seeing was Florence’s problem!F56DD955-3FB0-4E49-B0C3-C5A49B533F49