Table tennis and scrabble

I made a sailing boat birthday cake for Don and a year on, he rang me to request a reciprocal arrangement for his wife. Sheila’s hobbies include table tennis, Scrabble, Rummikub and her garden, so here is the jam filled vanilla sponge that we came up with.

Sailing boat

Karen was meant to be taking Kevin on holiday this week to celebrate a landmark birthday. Unfortunately the holiday was cancelled so we had to do a very quick turn round on this gluten-free lemon sponge layered with fresh lemon curd, so that at least he had a cake to cheer him up.

Golfers cake

Tiffany’s dad is a keen golfer and is over in the UK from his home in Tenerife to celebrate his big birthday with his children and grandchildren. Underneath this golf green is a vanilla sponge layered with raspberry jam.

Roller-skating cake

Ophelia loves to roller skate. For her 7th birthday party, Ophelia’s mum asked me to make this three layered sponge cake in ‘mermaid’ colours topped with sugar roller-skates to share with all her friends. Happy birthday Ophelia

Lawn Bowls

Ann needed a 90th birthday cake to feed a crowd. This is a jam and buttercream filled Madeira cake iced to represent Gordon’s love of lawn bowls. I hope you made it up to the party alright Ann and that everything went well for the birthday boy.

Football cupcakes

Jack came down to his granny’s by the sea for his 7th birthday. His mum messaged me and asked for 12 gluten free, dairy-free cup cakes topped with sugar reminders of his beloved (FA cup winning) Liverpool FC for the celebrations. Hope you all had a great day on the beach

Glider pilot

Carol’s mother in law is 90 this week. She is a real adventurer, a glider pilot and a keen gardener. This is a rich fruit cake, with marzipan and then iced as a garden, complete with sugar bird table and, of course, the glider flying through with the birthday girl waving from the cockpit.

Golfing 80th

Marie-Claire’s mum is 80 today. She should really be out on the golf course on a beautiful spring day like this but a big family celebration will be much more fun. This is a vanilla sponge filled with jam and buttercream. Have a lovely day.

Spitfire cake

Jenny’s brother is visiting the UK for the first time since before lockdown. It is his birthday and he is a spitfire aficionado. So Jenny asked me if I could make a cake with a spitfire ‘flying over it’. Hmmm, not quite suspended but here is my version of the sugar plane soaring above the clouds. Hope you all had a lovely day.

Canal Holiday cake

My brother in law is spending his big birthday on a narrow boat cruising around the canals and through the multiple locks of Warwickshire. The cake has at least survived thus far. Happy birthday John.

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