Golden Wedding

Rob and Mo have been married 50 years this weekend. This is a vanilla cake layered with jam and buttercream and then iced like a layer of a traditional wedding cake. Gold piping and hand-made yellow sugar roses top it off. Hope your party goes well and congratulations to you both


Roller-skating cake

Ophelia loves to roller skate. For her 7th birthday party, Ophelia’s mum asked me to make this three layered sponge cake in ‘mermaid’ colours topped with sugar roller-skates to share with all her friends. Happy birthday Ophelia

Lawn Bowls

Ann needed a 90th birthday cake to feed a crowd. This is a jam and buttercream filled Madeira cake iced to represent Gordon’s love of lawn bowls. I hope you made it up to the party alright Ann and that everything went well for the birthday boy.

Football cupcakes

Jack came down to his granny’s by the sea for his 7th birthday. His mum messaged me and asked for 12 gluten free, dairy-free cup cakes topped with sugar reminders of his beloved (FA cup winning) Liverpool FC for the celebrations. Hope you all had a great day on the beach

Zebra christening cake

It was Octavia’s beautiful baby’s christening day this weekend. She asked me for this jam and buttercream filled Madeira cake topped with a family of 5 jolly little zebras. I love something different, and this certainly was! I hope you all had a lovely day. X

Golden wedding

Happy Golden wedding anniversary to Pauline and Tony. Pauline carried a bouquet of yellow roses and Lily of the valley on her wedding day 50 years ago and her bridesmaids wore sea green dresses. As well as the sugar bouquet on top of thus rich fruit cake we have put tiny sea green flowers around the edge as an added reminder of the day.

Glider pilot

Carol’s mother in law is 90 this week. She is a real adventurer, a glider pilot and a keen gardener. This is a rich fruit cake, with marzipan and then iced as a garden, complete with sugar bird table and, of course, the glider flying through with the birthday girl waving from the cockpit.

Birthday book

Karen has been organising a surprise 90th birthday party for her husband Peter. She has bought some little models to represent his main interests and is planning to put them round this cake, iced to look like an old book. Inside us Peter’s favourite, a plain Madeira cake. I hope it all went to plan

Red rose wedding cake

Barbara is getting married. She wanted a simple sponge cake to celebrate, the bottom tier jam and buttercream filled and the top, a gluten free fresh lemon layer cake. All covered in an Italian meringue icing and finished with two big red sugar roses to remind the couple of their mothers who are no longer with us.

Very many congratulations to you both and all the best for the future

Number nine

Alfie was 9 a couple of weeks ago and had a very exciting adventure party outing at the weekend. Jam and buttercream sponge and a giant number 9. Happy birthday Alfie