Happy Memories Cake

This is a cake that I made to commemorate the long and happy life of a very special lady who passed away earlier this year. Her family gathered from far and wide to remember her together. She had a wealth of interests but especially golf, bridge, her garden, embroidery and jigsaws. She was well known for her intolerance of squirrels, so I sneaked one on as the picture on the puzzle. Every last bit edible of course.

Formula 1 retirement

Linda’s husband had his retirement party this weekend. He is a keen F1 follower as well as a photographer. We captured these in sugar model form and added some other aspects of his life in sugar ‘photos’ on this chocolate fudge cake. Plenty for everyone. Hope it went well

Sea Swimmer

Marilyn is retiring after many years of dedicated service. She is a really keen sea swimmer and her colleagues at the CAB wanted a cake to celebrate her new found freedom. Congratulations Marilyn. Hope you get to put your feet up sometimes

Giant Jungle Cupcake

Octavia asked me to make a cake to celebrate Tobias’s first birthday. She chose this giant cupcake with vanilla sponge inside and cheeky jungle characters in the buttercream topping. She was hoping for some wonderful photos as a memento of this very special day. She got them, and even better, the cake was not smashed to bits so she actually got to eat it!

Swiss flowers for a Cenenarian

This vanilla sponge layered with jam and covered in cream cheese frosting is a family favourite. This time, the recipient is 100 years old and spent much of her life in Switzerland, hence the garland of sugar edelweiss and gentians. Her family added sparklers for a glittering celebration. Very many congratulations Joan.

Rainbow Showstopper

This was an unusual Christening cake with rainbows inside and out. Multicolour vanilla sponge layers with buttercream filling covered in fondant and topped with a sugar rainbow and rainbow flowers and little butterflies.


Jess sent me the picture of the cut cake with this very kind message: “Wow what a beautiful cake!! It was amazing in looks and taste. Well our picnic was eventful in the rain but thankfully we had the cake and Prosecco to make it all better!”



Beach hut cake topper

Denise’s friend Kim had a milestone birthday coming up. She has a new pink and blue beach hut which is her pride and joy. Denise is an expert cake baker but asked me if I would make a sugar beach hut to put on the top of her creation. Here we go, a completely edible beach hut complete with inevitable seagull!



Multigenerational celebration cake

Mo and Paul’s family are in the middle of a momentous year with big birthdays new babies and multiple successes through members of all generations. In spite of being in the midst of unpacking following their recent house move, Mo and Paul are hosting a whole family get together and wanted this double cake to get the party started. Fresh lemon filled cake on one side and chocolate fudge on the other should keep everyone happy. Have a great weekend everyone.