Golden wedding anniversary

Anne and Jack are travelling to the Lake District to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with their family. Anne carried a bouquet of yellow roses on her wedding day (as did I actually) so this fresh lemon curd filled lemon cake has a sugar version of the same. Congratulations both of you, have a wonderful time with your family


Ruby Wedding Anniversary Cake

Florence and Michael were celebrating 40 years of marriage with a weekend of celebrations with their friends. We went for a rich fruit cake decorated with ruby roses, an edible photo of their wedding day in 1978 and sugar ‘snapshots’ of their lives here on the South Coast and in Tenerife. Happy anniversary to you both.florence anni 6

Golden Wedding

Rachel’s parents in law, Ian and Anne were renewing their wedding vows 50 years after they first made them. The service was to be followed by a party for all their friends and relations- all 75 of them. So, she asked for a big Madeira cake decorated with golden roses and three tiers seemed the best way to go about it. Congratulations Ian and Anne, Happy anniversary to you both.


I found out that Ian and Anne had the cake ‘piped in’ and they sent a picture of their grandson doing the honours.


Wild rose and butterfly wedding cake

Ben and Charlotte had a lovely pre-wedding party in the surroundings of a stunning Tudor mansion. This pretty summer cake had four tiers of carrot cake, chocolate fudge cake, madeira cake and fruit cake decorated with sugar roses and little blue butterflies. Very many congratulations to a delightful young couple.

Az’s wedding cake

You may remember I met Az on a damp spring day to discuss the cake for her forthcoming wedding in Beaulieu.


Well, it worked out well and the sun shone on a beautiful wedding in between two days of torrential rain. Congratulations Az and Paul, all the very best for the future.

IMG_1209 (1)IMG_1208
cake cutting


Az’s parents wrote me a lovely note afterwards

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