Polo player

Jason is 50 this week. He has three passions (that I know about anyway). Number one, polo, number two, Hurst Castle. His third passion, Dawn asked me to make him a birthday cake to celebrate his milestone. So this 4 layered vanilla sponge is filled with jam and butter cream and iced with a vague representation of Jason riding his polo pony on the top and a seascape including the castle, lighthouse and the Hurst ferry around the sides. Happy birthday Jason.


Fairy house

Stuart has just finished making a magnificent doll’s house for his grand daughters and now Mandy, not to be outdone, is starting on a tree stump fairy house. It is her birthday and so what better than a gooey, chocolate-covered cake fairy house of her own. Everything is edible (apart from the cake board). Happy birthday Mandy.

Yellow rose flowerpot cake

Joan had her 90th birthday this week and her neighbour Sheila asked me to make one of these flowerpot cakes to celebrate. This is a rather atmospheric early morning photograph! Inside the flowerpot is a lemon sponge layered with home made lemon curd. The soil is chocolate and all the decorations, including the trowel are hand made in sugar. Very many congratulations Joan.

Chocoholic Manchester United cake

Another of these popular chocolate box cakes. This one is for Nigel who is staying down here for a week with his multigeneration family to celebrate his 60th birthday. As well as being a lifelong chocolate lover, he is a passionate Manchester United supporter and Angela asked me to incorporate a nod to his favourite team into this 5 layer vanilla sponge cake. Inside is buttercream and jam, outside plenty of red amongst the chocolates piled high.

Movie buff brownies

Rather than cupcakes, Kelly asked for 18 iced chocolate brownies for her movie-buff son’s 18th birthday this week. Here are some of them. A strict monochrome palate adds to the theme. Chocolate overdose for al his family and friends.

Football crazy

Football crazy Dylan was visiting his grandparents at the seaside for the day on his 11th birthday. Angie asked for a cake to cut after the family barbecue and a walk on the beach. Underneath the icing is a spherical vanilla sponge layered with jam and buttercream.