Christmas tree cake

And here is one of the Christmas cakes I have made this year. This rich fruit cake, laced with brandy travelled to Tenerife for the celebrations. Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas 2022


Autumn Birthday

This time last year, Trish asked me to make a birthday cake for her daughter. Sadly, the order had to be cancelled thanks to the Covid restrictions, so we had another go this year. This is a vanilla sponge layered with jam and buttercream, sprinkled with pretty sugar autumn leaves and tied with a sugar bow.

Christmas Simnel Cake

Cheryl’s partner loves the traditional Easter simnel cake. So we adapted it for Christmas. Delicious lightly spiced fruit cake filled and topped with home made marzipan and decorated with toasted marzipan holly and ivy leaves and a little festive sparkle. Here it is wrapped and ready to go.

Christmas 2020

So here are my final batch of Christmas cakes ready to go out this year. It’s been a very strange 9 months but with your support we have at least showed that there is very little that cannot be improved by the addition of a surprise cake. Here’s to a happier 2021.

Christmas Character cupcakes

These little chaps are fun and make an ideal Christmas cheer up gift. Underneath the icing, half of these cupcakes are chocolate with ganache filling and half are lemon with zingy lemon curd, but they can be any flavour you like.

Beach hut cake topper

Denise’s friend Kim had a milestone birthday coming up. She has a new pink and blue beach hut which is her pride and joy. Denise is an expert cake baker but asked me if I would make a sugar beach hut to put on the top of her creation. Here we go, a completely edible beach hut complete with inevitable seagull!