Cake for a dog lover

Hannah’s big birthday is today. Her mum asked for a big chocolatey chocolate cake which reflected the loves in Hannah’s life. Her husband, her two little girls and of course Murphy the dog. My detail was to include all the family names, Murphy and his paraphernalia, Hannah’s walking boots, two pairs of little pink shoes and a big pair of men’s shoes and then maybe wine, sunshine, flowers etc etc…. Well, there is a limit to be what can be fixed onto a sticky chocolate cake on a hot day but I hope this is what you wanted Sue. Happy birthday Hannah


Golden wedding anniversary

Anne and Jack are travelling to the Lake District to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with their family. Anne carried a bouquet of yellow roses on her wedding day (as did I actually) so this fresh lemon curd filled lemon cake has a sugar version of the same. Congratulations both of you, have a wonderful time with your family


Champagne party girl

Annie has a birthday this week. Maggie wanted to give her a birthday cake for a little get together of their bridge playing, party loving friends. Maggie suggested an iced vanilla sponge with this design and here we are. Cheers girls


Beach hut cake topper

Denise’s friend Kim had a milestone birthday coming up. She has a new pink and blue beach hut which is her pride and joy. Denise is an expert cake baker but asked me if I would make a sugar beach hut to put on the top of her creation. Here we go, a completely edible beach hut complete with inevitable seagull!



Motown Birthday

It is Sue’s 70th birthday and her friends wanted a cake to celebrate her life as a dancer and love of Motown music. So I decorated this chocolate cake as a vintage record player complete with sugar LP and dancer silhouette. Everything edible except for the board, ribbon and one wire running through the stylus arm. One of the party girls is gluten intolerant so I made the turn table under the record from a big round gluten free chocolate brownie.

Afterwards, Judy wrote me a lovely email