Birthday cupcakes for a golfer and BMW driver

It is a significant birthday for Derek today and as it has fallen during another’s period of lockdown, a box of cupcakes to share with friends on the doorstep seems the best solution. Derek loves his golf and has just bought a magnificent new BMW which is his pride and joy (after his wife of course). So I have personalised six squidgy chocolate and six zingy lemon cakes for the big day. Have fun Derek.


Christmas Character cupcakes

These little chaps are fun and make an ideal Christmas cheer up gift. Underneath the icing, half of these cupcakes are chocolate with ganache filling and half are lemon with zingy lemon curd, but they can be any flavour you like.

First birthday cake

Little Ralph I saw one today. He has an allergy to eggs so we made this three layer egg free vanilla sponge, filled it with jam and buttercream and covered it in vegan friendly fondant. Add a bunting topper and hey presto. Due to lockdown he is having a very small celebration, but at least he has a showy cake for his photos. Hope Ralph enjoys his first birthday and the cake goes down well.

Camper van cup-cakes

Mike has a big birthday today but we are in Lockdown again. No party allowed so Val wanted to surprise him with a box of cup cakes that could be left for his friends who would be dropping off cards and presents. They have just bought a motor home and Val wanted to theme the cakes accordingly. So here are a dozen elderflower and lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, each topped with a hand made sugar camper-van, complete with Mike’s initial and the registration plate. I left them outside for Mike to find this morning. Have a very happy day.

Val very kindly sent me this email almost before I had got home

Job done!

Pink roses for Mum’s birthday

Helen’s mum’s birthday celebration had to be hastily brought forward to avoid the second Covid lockdown. Luckily I had made the pretty pink sugar roses already and the little vanilla sponge filled with jam and buttercream didn’t take too long to sort out. A quick wizzle with the piping bag and all was ready in time.