Pink and blue drip cake

Milla knew exactly what she wanted for her 8th birthday cake. She found me a picture of this layered sponge cake covered in blue buttercream and topped with delicious pink-coloured white chocolate drip. Finish it off with pink and white Squashie sweets. Perfect. Hope you had a lovely day Milla.


Princess Elsa Cake

This is the third year that I have made Fearn’s birthday cake and now she is going to be 5. Her grandparents ordered this one for her party and came to pick it up this evening – what else would you have for your fifth birthday but a sparkly Elsa princess cake? Under her sugar dress is a multi layered vanilla and buttercream sponge and the best bit is, when the cake is all gone, Fearn can give Elsa a quick wash, put the original skirt and shoes back on and she will have the doll as an extra present. Perfect. Have a lovely birthday Fearn.

Tool Box Cake

Chalkie is the kindest man you will meet.. He will do anything for anyone and loves few things more than pottering in his garage surrounded by useful bits of wood and his tool box. So here, for his 70th birthday is a white chocolate tool box filled with sugar tools. Inside it all is a lemon drizzle cake layered with fresh lemon curd. A very happy birthday to you Chalkie.

Floral 80th birthday

Rosie found a picture of a cake just like this on the internet and asked me if I could make one just like it for her mum. The cake is a 10″ lemon layer cake, more than enough for about 20 people and we have done the flowers in Mum’s favourite pinks and lilacs. Hope your family party goes well everyone.. Happy Birthday!

Woodland inspired Baptism cake

Grace’s grandparents commissioned her baptism cake from me. Her parents provided a picture of exactly what they wanted and sourced the accessories for me. Underneath the Italian meringue buttercream icing is a 7 layer vanilla sponge filled with jam and buttercream. This photo was taken by the family, proving thank goodness, that it survived its 100 mile journey. Congratulations to everyone, especially little Grace.

Go Karting Cake

Louis and Arthur are ten. They are best friends and always have a joint party. This year they and their pals went go-karting to celebrate. A chocolate fudge cake forms the podium for this rather elaborate cake with the lads on top of course. Everything else is sugar! Hope you had enormous fun boys.

Cake for Dad

Kirsty’s Dad had a big birthday in January which he celebrated with his family. here are a few of his favourite things on top of this jam and buttercream-filled vanilla sponge cake

Sweet explosion

I have been making Margot’s birthday cake for a few years now. This year she has gone for an outrageous explosion of sweetshop sweets on top of a layered red velvet cake. Don’t eat it all at once Margot!

Bee keepers cake

One of Janine’s work colleagues is leaving to take up a new post. she is a keen bee keeper and i was asked to make a bee-inspired cake. Inside is a big layered lemon sponge with fresh lemon curd filling. On the top are sugar flowers and lots of jolly sugar bees, some of them air-borne, as well as a sprinkle of sparkle. Good luck in your new job Alison.