80th birthday cake to reflect a full life

Vina asked me to make a cake for George’s birthday. He loves fruit cake so that was an easy choice. George and his family travelled the world during his career in the Life Guards and then he spent a very happy time as secretary of Winter Hill Golf Club before retiring to Milford. We tried to represent all the landmarks of his life on the cake. Hope you like it Goerge, happy birthday.



2 thoughts on “80th birthday cake to reflect a full life

  1. What a wonderful surprise to receive such an amazing cake. The forethought and research done by Liz Hines was quite remarkable and only surpassed by the decorated details on the cake and indeed the quality of the fruit cake itself (a passion of mine) On and around the cake Liz displayed names of my wife, children and grandchildren, the Cypher of my Regiment – Household Cavalry (The Life Guards) in which I served for 26 years and the Badge of Winter Hill Gold Club where I was Club Secretary for 17 years. Further details depicted flags or emblems of countries where I had served eg Germany, Cyprus, Malaysia, and Singapore. Further miscellaneous items included – Growing Runner Beans (or my attempt to do so), Red wine !! , a Golf Green and my favourite view of The Needles on the Isle of Wight from Milford-on-Sea.
    Thank you Liz you are a remarkably talented lady.


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