Peppa Pig in a Puddle cake

Fearn’s grandparents asked me to make a special cake for her third birthday. In common with most three year olds, Fearn is a big fan of Peppa, so what better than a vanilla sponge featuring her piggy heroine jumping in a chocolate muddy puddle. Lots of primary coloured flowers, ducks and balloons and it was huge fun to make. Fearn’s mum sent me a picture of her enjoying the cake to which she had added the candles. Glad it went down well everyone.

Cake for a Young Sailor

Raffy’s 11th birthday rather crept up on his mum so I had a somewhat last minute request for an emergency cake. This triple layered vanilla sponge is sandwiched with jam and buttercream and iced to reflect Raffy’s love of sailing and his beloved RS Tera dinghy. Add a 3D wavy sea, some gulls and a bit of sugar rope, Suitably nautical . Happy birthday Raffy.

Flowerpot Cake for a Gardener

Katie’s mum had a landmark birthday and Katie asked me for a cake that would reflect her mother’s love of gardening rather than her age (your secret is safe with me). We came up with this pretty flowerpot cake. Inside the flowerpot is a lemon curd filled sponge, toped with chocolate soil and decorated with sugar roses and a sugar trowel. Add a sugar plant label with the birthday message and there we have it. Really enjoyed making this one, hope your mum has a lovely day Katie.

Yin Yang cake for Teenage Twins

Olivia and Grace are 13. They are identical twins and their mum asked me to make a special cake to mark their transition into teenagers. So here is a red velvet layer cake, sandwiched with cream cheese frosting and iced as the Yin Yang symbol. Two separate white and silver cakes in one. Happy Birthday girls.

Cupcakes for Nan’s birthday

Jess’s Nan has a big birthday today. We are not going to discuss numbers here. Anyway, Jess asked me to deliver 6 cupcakes, (3 coffee and walnut with delicious coffee mousseline topping and 3 vanilla with raspberry jam and topped with fresh raspberries) to help her Nan celebrate during lockdown. I piped some chocolate hearts and finished them off with a dusting of glitter before taking them round this afternoon.

Garden Pets Cake

Margot is six today. Her mum messaged me four days ago, somewhat last minute, and asked if I could make a cake for her. Luckily I had time so here we have this jolly cake featuring beloved family pets Stanley and Olive sitting in the garden. Margot was quite determined that she wanted a Red Velvet cake (even though she has never tasted one before) so that is what is underneath the icing, sandwiched together with delicious cream cheese frosting. I really hope it lives up to your expectations Margot. Happy Birthday.

PJ Masks Birthday Cake

There was little question about the theme for Ted’s 5th birthday cake. PJ Masks is his favourite TV programme so here we have a cake complete with Catboy, Owlette, Gekko and a sugar night time skyscape, ready for his big day. Underneath are 4 layers of yummy chocolate sponge, sandwiched with chocolate buttercream. Have a lovely day everyone.

Roblox Adopt Me cake

Eleanor is 8 and although her birthday has fallen in lockdown, her parents wanted to surprise her with a special cake. Roblox ‘Adopt Me’ is the game of the moment so here we are. This is a four layer vanilla and jam filled sponge adorned with some favourite sugar ‘pets’. Happy Birthday Eleanor, have a lovely day.

Christmas Simnel Cake

Cheryl’s partner loves the traditional Easter simnel cake. So we adapted it for Christmas. Delicious lightly spiced fruit cake filled and topped with home made marzipan and decorated with toasted marzipan holly and ivy leaves and a little festive sparkle. Here it is wrapped and ready to go.

Christmas 2020

So here are my final batch of Christmas cakes ready to go out this year. It’s been a very strange 9 months but with your support we have at least showed that there is very little that cannot be improved by the addition of a surprise cake. Here’s to a happier 2021.