Glider pilot

Carol’s mother in law is 90 this week. She is a real adventurer, a glider pilot and a keen gardener. This is a rich fruit cake, with marzipan and then iced as a garden, complete with sugar bird table and, of course, the glider flying through with the birthday girl waving from the cockpit.


Golfing 80th

Marie-Claire’s mum is 80 today. She should really be out on the golf course on a beautiful spring day like this but a big family celebration will be much more fun. This is a vanilla sponge filled with jam and buttercream. Have a lovely day.

Spitfire cake

Jenny’s brother is visiting the UK for the first time since before lockdown. It is his birthday and he is a spitfire aficionado. So Jenny asked me if I could make a cake with a spitfire ‘flying over it’. Hmmm, not quite suspended but here is my version of the sugar plane soaring above the clouds. Hope you all had a lovely day.

Canal Holiday cake

My brother in law is spending his big birthday on a narrow boat cruising around the canals and through the multiple locks of Warwickshire. The cake has at least survived thus far. Happy birthday John.

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Formula 1 retirement

Linda’s husband had his retirement party this weekend. He is a keen F1 follower as well as a photographer. We captured these in sugar model form and added some other aspects of his life in sugar ‘photos’ on this chocolate fudge cake. Plenty for everyone. Hope it went well

Football crazy

A week after his sister’s party, it is Arthur’s turn. He and his friend Louis are football crazy and although they do not support the same team, they were prepared to share a party and a cake. This is a chocolate fudge cake with completely edible decorations including the goal and net. Hope you had fun boys

Jet Ski

Margot and her family were on holiday somewhere warm recently and Margot has discovered the thrill of a jet ski! It is her 7th birthday today and her mum asked me to make a red velvet cake, layered with cream cheese frosting and topped with a model of Margot on a jet ski for her party. So here we are, all edible, although as ever it is possible to save the sugar model if she wants to. Hope you had a good day Margot.

Sea Swimmer

Marilyn is retiring after many years of dedicated service. She is a really keen sea swimmer and her colleagues at the CAB wanted a cake to celebrate her new found freedom. Congratulations Marilyn. Hope you get to put your feet up sometimes

Beach huts and Roses

Yvonne contacted me to ask for a special cake to celebrate Julie’s 70th birthday. They have recently moved down to the coast and have straight away developed a love for beach huts. Julie has had a life in Girl Guiding, plays a mean game of golf and is especially fond of roses. Make the whole lot out of sugar, pile them on top of a rich fruit cake and you have a recipe for a family celebration,. Hope you all had fun.