Hummingbird cake

Ginny’s daughter had a big birthday and Ginny was very keen that we should include a picture of a hummingbird in the decoration. This is a carrot cake filled with frosting and topped with a piped design and sugar flowers.


Thunderbirds are go!

Oki loves Thunderbird 1 so much that he carries his toy one round with him all the time. So what better for his birthday cake? Jam and buttercream filled sponge inside this one. Hope you had a lovely party Oki.

Medal-collectors cake

Adam had his 50th birthday. His passion is collecting medals and his wife asked me if I could make a vanilla sponge cake filled with jam and buttercream in the shape of a medal. No problem. An 1812 Naval General Service medal? Crumbs! We think this was right… it was certainly quite a challenge.

Jenny’s cake

Jenny is a prolific knitter and loves her Nordic walking. Her husband asked me to make this iced fruit cake as a surprise for her landmark birthday (we are not mentioning any numbers). I always enjoy making cakes that are very personal to the recipient. Happy Birthday Jenny

Daisy’s cake

I have made a couple of cakes for Daisy’s brother in the past, but this is her first one. She is at Edinburgh University, loves reading, sewing and everything Harry Potter. Jumble the dog features on all family cakes and of course I had to put daisies all over it.

Family wedding cake

Kate’s daughter got married back in the summer. Here is the cake that Kate chose for them. With a vanilla sponge base and a chocolate fudge cake top layer, it is decorated with very pale pink-tinged roses and blue oxypetalum flowers and topped with a (vague!) representation of the family.

Happy Memories Cake

This is a cake that I made to commemorate the long and happy life of a very special lady who passed away earlier this year. Her family gathered from far and wide to remember her together. She had a wealth of interests but especially golf, bridge, her garden, embroidery and jigsaws. She was well known for her intolerance of squirrels, so I sneaked one on as the picture on the puzzle. Every last bit edible of course.

Table tennis and scrabble

I made a sailing boat birthday cake for Don and a year on, he rang me to request a reciprocal arrangement for his wife. Sheila’s hobbies include table tennis, Scrabble, Rummikub and her garden, so here is the jam filled vanilla sponge that we came up with.