Gardener’s vegetable plot

This birthday cake for a gardening enthusiast was enormous fun to make. Lots of tiny sugar vegetables in a grated chocolate vegetable patch decorating a layered jam and buttercream sponge. Hope you had a good day Robert.

Paw Patrol birthday

Last year Fearn had Peppa Pig on her cake, this year it needed to be ‘Skye’ from Paw Patrol. I checked it out with my own four-year-old grand daughters who confirmed it was a good idea and must be ‘lovely and pink’. Add some sugar hearts, bones, paw prints and sparkles and hopefully this two tiered jam and vanilla layer cake will meet the approval of the birthday girl.

Formula 1 retirement

Linda’s husband had his retirement party this weekend. He is a keen F1 follower as well as a photographer. We captured these in sugar model form and added some other aspects of his life in sugar ‘photos’ on this chocolate fudge cake. Plenty for everyone. Hope it went well

Pretty in pink

Amy got in touch last week to ask me for a cake to take to her mum’s birthday party this weekend. A little bit of a scramble to get it done, but here is a pretty pink sponge layer cake, ideal for a family celebration.

Tractor cake

My neighbour Lewis turned 18 this week. He loves driving tractors and adores his dog Bertie. This is a lemon cake filled with lemon buttercream and topped with sugar models of his two favourite things. Happy birthday Lewis.

Double celebration

Linda’s family have a double birthday celebration this weekend. So this gluten free, dairy free chocolate layer cake was iced in two halves, tied with a sugar bow. I hope the celebrations went well everyone.

Peonies and Roses

I made a cake for Margaret’s mum a couple of years ago. Now her daughter Francine has a significant birthday to celebrate. Francine’s favourite flowers are ‘Bowl of Beauty’ peonies and pink roses, so I made this eye catching sugar bouquet to top her layered sponge cake covered in pink marbled icing. Happy Birthday Francine.

Football crazy

A week after his sister’s party, it is Arthur’s turn. He and his friend Louis are football crazy and although they do not support the same team, they were prepared to share a party and a cake. This is a chocolate fudge cake with completely edible decorations including the goal and net. Hope you had fun boys

Jet Ski

Margot and her family were on holiday somewhere warm recently and Margot has discovered the thrill of a jet ski! It is her 7th birthday today and her mum asked me to make a red velvet cake, layered with cream cheese frosting and topped with a model of Margot on a jet ski for her party. So here we are, all edible, although as ever it is possible to save the sugar model if she wants to. Hope you had a good day Margot.

Learner Driver

John didn’t want a fuss on his 18th birthday but his Mum asked me to make a cake none the less. Inside this one is a plain Victoria sponge layered with raspberry jam. John is learning to drive and Mum said it had better be a red sports car… oh, and could we fit the two black Labradors in as well…….?